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Philippians 2:15– blameless, artless and flawless

03-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

All be doing without murmurings and reasonings, that you may become blameless and artless, children of God, flawless, in the midst of a generation crooked and perverse among whom you are appearing as luminaries in the world…

At length Paul has highlighted the disposition of Christ Jesus. This one was characterized by completely emptying oneself in subjection to and trust in GOD who brings everything to a glorious end. There is no murmuring in that disposition. Or reasonings that do not reckon with God as GOD.

Paul mentions here three qualities that characterize this disposition. He does this through the negative form: blameless, artless and flawless. He draws a contrast with “a crooked and perverted generation”. Anyone who lives a grateful life and therefore “without murmurings and reasonings”, is “blameless”. No, not perfect as the word ‘flawless’ in many translations wrongly suggests. blamless means: honest, sincere, reliable.

The word for ‘artless’ is translated elsewhere as ‘unsuspecting’ (“as doves”; Mat.10:16). Recognizing God as GOD makes it uncomplicated because it gives peace in the heart, so that you learn to adapt to circumstances. Whoever thinks and speaks in this way remains “unstained” (here translated: flawless) by the crooked and twisted generation that has absolutely no idea of ​​GOD as Father.