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Philippians 2:14– All without murmurings

03-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

All be doing without murmurings and reasonings, that you may become blameless and artless, children of God….

We hear grumbling around us so often that we hardly notice it anymore. Grumbling about the partner, the children, the boss, the staff, work, the weather, health, politics, and so on. And some even grumble: I can’t complain…

Grumbling is different from criticism. Grumbling is an attitude of negativity, dissatisfaction and bitterness. Those who grumble lack the realization that there is One who gives a place to everything that takes place. The good but also the bad. This truth establishes us at the basic meaning of the word GOD. In Greek, God is theos, which is derived from the verb to put or place. Theos means “placer”. GOD is the One who gives everything a place. And therefore: He who grumbles reasons without GOD.

Grumbling as an attitude makes everything complex. On the other hand, those who realize that God is GOD and a Father learns the art of living uncomplicatedly. Call it naive. Or simplistic. After all, everything is in His hand. Nothing is beyond His control. And He guarantees the good outcome! Stop theorizing about it and experience the full benefit of this truth! Artless.