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Philippians 1:6 – The day of Christ Jesus

07-12-2022 - Posted by Hans

Having this same confidence, that He Who undertakes a good work among you, will be performing it until the day of Jesus Christ:

The good work that God once started with the believers in Philippi, He will also complete. Paul is convinced of this. “…until the day of Christ Jesus”. That is the day when God’s work on believers will be completed, and they will be found clean and blameless (1 Cor. 1:8; 1:10). Then everywhere will be praise for what God has done in our lives (2Cor.1:14).

Expressions such as “the day of Christ Jesus” are found only with Paul. The fact that His name (in full or incomplete) is heard in this expression, underlines the personal and more intimate character of that day, on which we will greet Him in the flesh. This perhaps also typifies the difference with “the day of the Lord”. The latter expression sounds more distant because it refers to open and often forceful intervention (cf. Joel 2:31).

Above all, Paul calls it “the day of Christ Jesus” because then the ecclesia, which is his body, will reach its glorious destiny. It is the day of resurrection and transformation to immortality. It is the day of ‘the rapture’ after which we will be with Him forever (1Thes.4:17)!