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Philippians 1:28 – Do not be intimidated by opponents

03-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

… competing together in the faith of the evangel and not be startled by those who are opposing in anything which is to them a proof of destruction, yet of your salvation, and this from God.

The Gospel is a good message, but it is fair to say that it does not always go down well. The reasons for rejection can be very diverse. Paul writes elsewhere (1Cor.1:23,24) that Christ is a snare to Jews and foolishness to Greeks. Orthodoxy and religion can’t do anything with the Gospel because one can’t get by with ‘grace’. The Gospel does away with human merits. And for ‘Greeks’ the Gospel is unacceptable because ‘human wisdom’ is completely ignored in it.

Those who stand for the Gospel must be prepared for opposition but not be intimidated by it. And certainly not adjusting the message or making it acceptable. “It’s written!” that’s the source of power. What we have to report is not our opinion but what GOD Himself has spoken. That Word proves and declares itself.

Where we thus wield the Word in battle, we are untouchable. No resistance can withstand it. It exposes the resistance and at the same time it confirms the message of salvation that we proclaim!