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Philippians 1:27 – One front

01-01-2023 - Posted by Hans

… that you are standing firm in one spirit, one soul, competing together in the faith of the evangel…

There is a direct link between “standing firm in one spirit, in one soul” and fighting together “in the faith of the evangel”. You tell a good message because it is a good message. Not because of guilt or because of fear or because you need to convert the other person. Such motives only prove that you are not really bringing Good News (=Gospel). Again: you tell a good message because it is a good message. Period. You have become a father or mother of a healthy baby. Or passed your exam. Or declared cured of a serious illness. You tell such things because it is almost impossible not to tell!

The Gospel is mind-blowing, good news because it tells of a GOD who never forsakes the works of his hands and is therefore “the Savior of all men, especially of believers”! That is the message, logical, crystal clear, comprehensive and razor-sharp. It always evokes resistance in the (particularly religious) world. Because it is certain, where we stand together for this Good Message, we are reviled and opposed. Wonderful, because the more we close ranks!