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Philippians 1:19 – Paul’s prospect of release

01-01-2023 - Posted by Hans

For I am aware that, for me, this will be eventuating in salvation through your petition and the supply of the spirit of Jesus Christ,

Paul continues to rejoice. Partly because, as he writes here, “I am aware that for me, this will be eventuating in salvation”. People often think of “this” as Paul’s prospect of the Lord who will transform our humbled body from heaven as Savior (3:20,21). Now the apostle undoubtedly had this prospect, but that is not what he is thinking of here. After all, that prospect is completely separate from the intercession of fellow believers. No, when Paul thinks of this, he thinks of his near release from prison.

Paul is imprisoned in Rome for two years (Acts 28:31,31) to appear before the emperor there (Acts 27:24). He now looks back on it (1:13) and trusts that he will soon be able to visit the Philippians (1:25,26; 2:24). In other words, the Philippians’ intercession for Paul’s release will be fulfilled! Paul’s imprisonment in Rome does not therefore mean the end of his career as a herald and apostle. He could continue his travels (for the time being). In this, of course, spiritually assisted in everything by Jesus Christ himself!