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Job 42:2 – He is able in all things

03-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

I know that You are able in all things, and no plan of Yours can be thwarted

Job was indicted by his friends who believed he had brought all the suffering upon himself. It is the well-known religious tune that continues to thrive to this day. But Job also was weighing in by even cursing his birthday. Whoever says such a thing actually indicts his Creator. That statement is also popular and frequently heard today. God is accused of making mistakes. “If there is a God, why then …” fill in yourself.

At the end of the book GOD himself has the floor. And does He give account for the questions that were asked Him? Not at all! What GOD does, on the other hand, is to ask questions Himself about the countless miracles of creation. Do you know Job, what I know? Do you see what I see? And can you do what I can? No, Job could not help but recognize that as a creature he is utterly insignificant and meaningless compared to the Almighty Creator. Because only He can do everything. And what He purposes cannot be thwarted by anything and no one. And never, ever misses!