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Isaiah 40:6-8 – All flesh is grass

19-11-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

All flesh is grass (…) Grass dries up, Blossom decays, Yet the word of our Elohim, it shall stand firm for the eon.

Man’s transience is portrayed in rather different ways in the Bible. Like a passing shadow (Job: 8: 9) or a disappearing vapor (James 4: 14). Or as a breath (Ps.144: 4): you breathe in for the first time at birth and “a little later” you exhale for the last time when you die. And in between (let’s say: a few decades), people sometimes imagine a lot. In such a way that we seem to forget what we are here on earth, namely passers-by.

The whole earth acts as a large burial place for all those passed generations. We are born, and in the prime of our lives it feels like it will not end. But gradually it appears that the green grass withers and the blossom withers. The vitality decreases and the beauty decreases.

All those changes of times and generations are only defied by God’s word. He has spoken. Through His word everything came into being and He also has the last word. A person can safely build on that word, but only on that word, in life and in death!