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in accord with His riches…

13-11-2011 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now my God shall be filling your every need in accord with His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 (CLV)

The above posted verse demonstrates perfectly why this letter of Paul, written from prison, is overflowing with joy. Paul knew a GOD Who provides for every need! That is to say, He gives all what is needed to be strong in the midst of all circumstances (4:11). It does not say He gives by measure, but “according to His riches.” Yes, it literally says “the riches of Him.” – Plural. Also, let’s pay close attention to the preposition; it is not “from His riches,” but “according to His riches.” What’s the difference? An illustration: Bill Gates’ capacity is currently estimated at about $ 40 billion. Suppose, he gives a tip to a beggar on the street. Then he gives from his wealth. But when that same Bill Gates would give to this beggar according to his riches, then this beggar would, at once, be very wealthy! The God of heaven and earth, of all the gold, diamonds and other treasures – that God provides for us who believe, according to His riches. Not (necessarily) by giving us earthly gold or silver. That makes a man not really rich, nor happy. Examples of this abound. Real wealth resides within us; it’s a realization of having enough; being aware of the bright future that awaits us. Gold, as a precious metal, is an image of “the expectation of the glory of God in which we boast” (Rom.5:2). Imperishable! It is as the silver that speaks of “the ransom for all” that Jesus Christ paid for at Calvary (1Tim.2:6). It guarantees the salvation of all mankind (1Tim.2:4; 4:10)! What a privilege to know that we are sustained and provided for by this GOD, Who is rich beyond compare! ——————————— translation: Peter Feddema