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heart for gays?

18-07-2016 - Posted by Andre Piet

Only few subjects make orthodox Christians as embarrassed as homosexuality does. This week the Christian club “Hart van homo’s” (Heart of Gays) was in the news, because Dutch minister Bussemaker had decided to continue the subsidy to this organization, despite criticism from the House of Parliament. Several political parties did object because Hart van homo’s would reject gay sex, which is “obviously” not done. The minister told the House that this organization does not disqualify homosexual relationships explicitly.

Tricky issue

In Christian orthodoxy the topic of homosexuality is extremely sensitive. To government and big public they are trying to give the impression that they want to make the topic of homosexuality openly negotiable. Perhaps to remain eligible for subsidy. But at the same time one does not want to lose the partly conservative followers. Pastors and synods often try to move up the tricky issue of gay sex.

politically correct

It is all ambiguity. Hart van homo’s is trying to get money from the government by making a politically correct impression. For their constituency they try to reconcile two disparate elements. But who do they think they help with that? And what example shows an organization that wants to discuss homosexuality, but are at loss when it comes to this issue? Should this attitude cause others to “come out of the closet”? And is not it sad that an organization that claims to have a heart full of love “in the first place from and for God”, needs subsidy? Don’t they give themselves in advance the obligation to be acceptable in the eyes of the world “? Who pays the piper calls the tune, right?


By the way, the whole discussion is already completely framed by “the world” and Hart van homo’s goes along with this. You ‘are’ gay, that is your sexual identity – that sounds from all sides. Those who go along with such terminology are misled in advance. The Bible knows only two sexual identities: male and female (Genesis 1: 27). In that way you were born, that’s your orientation. In which the male is biologically and anatomically oriented to the female and the female to the male. That is not ethics but nature (Romans 1: 26,27).


The one who teaches (as Hart van homo’s does) that the denomination of a person’s sexual identity is based on feelings, does not give information, but ambiguity. Paul speaks in this context of a “disqualified mind” (Romans 1: 28). Who, for whatever reason, is sexually disoriented (gay, transgender, pedophile, zoophile etcetera) is only really helped by (re)orienting themselves to the Creator Who created male and female. That is a solid basis for learning to be who you are.
Such assistance maybe cannot rely on subsidy, but so what? The light of God’s word is clear, offers view and is also for free!

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