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01-03-2012 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yesterday, I made a few comments about how GOD is ignored and explained away in public life. Referring to God takes place, even at best of times, only in terms of sentiment or nostalgia, but not as the basis of all of life. In general, man has no Creator, Who created all in the beginning, and society knows nothing about God’s plan or concept underlying man’s existence. The question as to the meaning of life is regarded as nonsensical. This is a horrible philosophy that makes it dark and chilly in the heart of man (see: Rom.1:21).

We see this phenomenon also reflected in the way in which we greet each other in everyday life. That is, nowadays, usually a flat hi/bye, but traditionally it had, in many languages, a meaningful and unmistakable connection with God. In Greek, they said, chairètè (=rejoice!), which is related to the word for grace (=charis). In Hebrew the greeting is Shalom, which means peace. In the German-speaking world, they say gruss Gott (=greet God). In French they say adieu, which means, God be with you. It is the same with the Spanish adios, the Italian addio and the Portuguese adeus. Each of them is a reference to God. But did you also know that goodbye is a contraction of God be with ye? We do not know and realize these things anymore and that is why our greetings are hollow and meaningless. How much richer would be our everyday greetings, if they would remind us of God and all that He gives!

translation: Peter Feddema