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Forthright about GOD!

29-02-2012 - Posted by Andre Piet

Recently, my brother took this picture in Ghana. Filled with a sense of honour, these men stand beside this text. Very revealing!

This past Sunday, in our GoedBericht-meeting in Zoetermeer, I spoke about a not-too-familiar Bible story, from the book of 2 Kings, under the title “great news … keep it concealed?” “Coincidently”, my brother Dirk, in his introductory remarks at the meeting, told about his experiences in Ghana, where many people speak boldly about God in their everyday conversation and by means of stickers on cars, on walls of houses, on shop posters, on signs, etc. This is a relief, compared to the shabby way we, in the “modern” Western world communicate. Here, God has completely disappeared … Especially in Western Europe, no one, publicly, speaks of God. Even religious people let themselves be swayed by this absurd taboo! The only topic that really matters in life, we should not take on our lips?? Come on! Dear people – throw away that restraint! I call it “coming out of the closet”. GOD does not need to be defended – He IS! And the Gospel (= the Good News Message!) remains unchanged and filled with expectation: Yes, GOD will make all things well through His Son, “the Saviour of the world”! Spread the word! ———————– Below, is a YouTube clip and presents a nice impression of the boldness with which Ghanaians speak about God.   ——————————— translation: Peter Feddema