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Galatians 6:10 – All & the VIP’s

02-11-2022 - Posted by Hans

Consequently, then, as we have occasion, we are working for the good of all, yet specially for the family of faith.

A conclusion begins with the “consequently then”. Now we have the opportunity to sow (:8), do the ideal (:9) and to be working for the good (:10) while in the future we will reap “occasionally” (:9). And in the meantime, above all, we would not “get tired” and “weak” (:9).

“Good works” has a universal scope in this verse. “For all”, i.e., for all people. Just as the living God is also the Savior of all people”, i.e. He saves all people! However comprehensive this fact is, there is a group that benefits from this in a special way: the believers. The sentence construction here is similar to that in 1 Timothy 4:10: “the living God is the Savior of all men, especially of believers”. The “especially” (Gr. malista), means special, or in particular.

“Working for the good of all” does not exclude anyone. One category, however, does receive a privileged place in it because they are firstfruits . Here they are called “the family of faith”. The ecclesia is the house of God (and only those who are a part of it are “family” who share “the faith” together (Eph.2:19). They enjoy VIP treatment!