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Galatians 5:4 – Falling out of grace

29-09-2022 - Posted by Hans

Exempted from Christ were you who are being justified in law. You fall out of grace.

The teaching of the Judaizers was so fatal that Christ could not possibly mean anything to them in practice. The doctrine of becoming righteous in the sphere of works of the law precludes accepting that a person is righteous in Christ. Anything beyond that which is said about Christ, however positive, has by definition become meaningless and effectively rendered null and void.

To say they were exempted from Christ is no different than to say that one has “fallen out of grace.” We must understand this expression well. “Falling out of grace” does not take place by breaking the law, but by expecting it from the law . It is not by living wickedly that one falls from grace, but by strictly following the law with the idea of ​​becoming righteous thereby. And yes, that is literally a fall : a fall from a high(er) position. We stand on the foundation of grace when we expect everything from God and from his promise. Because He gives ‘free of charge’. How great is the fall if one leaves that ground and expects it from one’s own achievements…