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Galatians 4:5 – Reclaiming and sonship

31-08-2022 - Posted by Hans

… His Son, come of a woman, come under law, that he should be reclaiming those under law that we may be getting the place of a son.

God’s Son was born of a woman, born “under the law.” Why? That He might redeem those who are under the law (=Israel). Israel’s position “under the law” was like a child under a nanny (lit. educator; 3:23-26). In practice, that position was no different from that of a slave: completely submissive (4:1). With the difference that Israel was not a slave but a child, destined to one day become (de facto) “owner of everything”. Israel’s position “under the law” was in preparation for that final position. So temporarily. (3:23,25).

The term “under the law” occurs 15 times in the Bible (with Paul only) and is synonymous with ’the old covenant’ (Jer.31:31-33). Characteristic of this position is that the people are rightfully ” under the law” as under a yoke (cf. Acts 15:10). It is a phase, just as a child is first immature and finally matures. The ultimate destiny is to be made a ‘son’. Then the law is no longer a burden , but a pleasure . A promise! To freely and voluntarily follow in Vader’s footsteps.