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Galatians 4:31– Children of the free

31-08-2022 - Posted by Hans

Wherefore, brethren, we are not children of the maid, but of the free woman.

The quote from Genesis 21 about what Abraham had to do with Hagar and Ishmael is much more than just history. Paul had explained that Hagar and Sarah are types of the old and new covenant respectively. Of slavery and freedom. Therefore it could not be missed that the sending away of Hagar and Ishmael also had to have a deeper meaning.

Ishmael and Isaac had one father but two different mothers. The Galatian Judaizers who prided themselves on being sons of Abraham did not realize that they were posing as offspring of Hagar. In slavery. A huge difference from what Paul had taught the Galatians.

As Abraham was declared righteous by saying amen to God’s unconditional promise, so were the Galatians. Regardless of any work of law. And now they were “in Christ” – the promised seed of Abraham (3:28,29) and therefore the allotment (read: the inheritance) fell to them. ‘Free of charge’ and in freedom. That’s the position and that’s where they (and we!) would stay .