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Galatians 4:20 – Desperate

31-08-2022 - Posted by Hans

Yet I wanted to be present with you just now, and to change my voice, for I am perplexed about you.

Paul is aware that writing to the Galatians has its limitations. We all know that certain things are best discussed face to face. This is especially true when communicating about sensitive topics. Nowadays we try to compensate for this handicap by means of ‘emoticons’, but it continues to be difficult.

The apostle would have preferred to speak face-to-face with the Galatians. Then he might have struck a different tone than it now appears to his readers. Perhaps the apostle reacts in their perception as ‘from on high’ and ‘angry’. But how different it would be if they could hear his voice and see his face and gestures ! Then they could remark for themselves that, although Paul is very sure of his point in terms of content , but as far as his readers are concerned, he is desperate. Like a mother who doesn’t know what to do with her children.

Given the physical distance from his readers, what more could Paul do than write this letter? To this day, we benefit from it. Thank God!