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Galatians 4:11 – All in vain?

31-08-2022 - Posted by Hans

Days are you scrutinizing, and months and seasons and years. I fear for you, lest somehow I have toiled for you feignedly.

The Galatian believers were freed from all religious obligations through the Evangel that Paul had heralded to them. Especially those related to the calendar of their idolatry. They were free of it! But since Paul left, Judaizers had come and persuaded them to now strictly follow the Jewish calendar of “days and months and appointed times and seasons.” As a requirement to live righteously. We see Paul, as it were, desperately grasping at his head. Has his labor among them all been in vain? One religious calendar had been replaced by another…

Try to imagine what Paul’s reaction would be if he looked around Christendom today It is even more tragic than the “enchantment” in Galatia (3:1). At least the Judaizers in Galatia left the Jewish calendar intact, but the later ‘Christianizers’, under the influence of ’the replacement doctrine’ (= Israel has been replaced by the Church), adopted and falsified this calendar ! Sabbath became Sunday, Passover became Easter, Feast of Weeks became Pentecost, and so on. Everything has been twisted! It could only come so far because Paul’s Evangel was abandoned…