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Galatians 3:7 – Sons of Abraham

04-07-2022 - Posted by Hans

Know, consequently, that those of faith, these are sons of Abraham.

Paul’s conclusion here follows from the reference to Abraham (3:6) who was counted righteous because he believed God. In this, Abraham is a model for all who are “of faith” today. He is a striking type of the present work of God among the nations. Abraham was called from among the nations (Jos.24:1) and did not live under the law of Sinai (Gal.3:17). Moreover, he was uncircumcised when he was declared righteous by God (Rom. 4:13-16).

God declared Abraham righteous because he trusted in what God had unconditionally promised. Abraham is the first in Scripture of whom this is expressly said and thus also “father”. All “who are of faith, these are the sons of Abraham.” Note “sons” and not, as many translations sloppily render “children of Abraham”. The idea here is not that “those who are of faith” come from Abraham (as will be argued later; 3:29), but that all believers are granted the same justification that Abraham left us. He who is a “son” is an “heir” (Gal.4:7). Or translated more literally: an allotment-holder: someone to whom something befalls. Justification is the legacy of Abraham that belongs to all believers, Jew or Gentile.