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Galatians 2:16 – The faith of Christ

14-06-2022 - Posted by Hans

… having perceived that a man is not being justified by works of law, except alone through the faith of Christ Jesus, wa also believe in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by the faith of Christ and not by works of law…

Both Peter and Paul, as Jewish believers, knew all too well that a man is not justified by works of law. How then? The answer is here twice: “by faith of Jesus Christ” and “by faith of Christ”. Unfortunately, many modern translations have arbitrarily replaced this “faith of (Jesus) Christ” with faith in Christ. By the way, that happens not only here, but also in Rom. 3:22, 26; Gal.2:20; 3:22; Eph.3:12 and Philp.3:9. Up to seven times Paul speaks about the faith of Christ in his letters!

Certainly, Paul also says that “we believe in Christ Jesus.” Then of course it is about our faith in Him. But that is not the basis of our justification. That ground lies in the faith of Him who walked the way to the death of the cross. It is through that one act of faith obedience that all mankind will find “justification of life” (Rom. 5:18). How fortunate that the future is fixed in his faith. I believe in that!