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Galatians 1:5 – The eons of the eons

09-05-2022 - Posted by Hans

…according to the will of our God and Father, to Whom be the glory for the eons of the eons, Amen!

Before Paul ‘goes wild’ on the occasion of his writing, he closes his introduction with a praise to “our God and Father”. His is “the glory”. Not just as a moral call to give the glory to God, but as an objective determination that the glory is His.

The expression “to the eons of the eons” is a well-known superlative from Hebrew. Similar to terms such as: the song of songs, the king of kings, the holy of holies, etc. “The eons of the eons” refer to the future superlative world ages. The reason for that is simple. After the “present wicked eon” (1:4), there are two world ages in which Christ will reign (Luke 1:33; Rev. 11:15). First in “the thousand years” and then in the still more superlative eon in which a heavenly Jerusalem will descend. In those two eons to come, GOD’S glory will be displayed.

In the current Bible translations the teaching of “God’s purpose of  the eons” (Eph.3:11) has been completely translated away. “The eons of the eons” are then made “for ever and ever”… But don’t let it be taken away from you – take Scripture as it presents itself!