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Galatians 1:11 – Not in accord with man.

09-05-2022 - Posted by Hans

For I am making known to you, brethren, as to the evangel which is being brought by me, that it is not in accord with man.

The sharp message that Paul delivered was clearly not intended to please people. If it may have escaped his brethren (?), he here nevertheless makes known to them that the Gospel evangelized by him is “not in accord with man.” It is not human in origin, nor is it human in nature. Because no one would think of it. Where man invents something, man is always put on a pedestal. But in the Gospel that Paul preaches, human contributions play no role at all. God goes His way and He fulfills what He promises, without any input from man being asked or even accepted. All human boasting is excluded.

But the fact that Paul’s Gospel “is not in accord with man” does not detract from the truth that this Gospel is indeed for man. For it is rightly called ‘Evangel’, i.e. it is good news! In fact: precisely because the message is “not in accord with man”, it is the ultimate good message for people. Because no one can add anything to it, but (thank god!) can’t take anything away from it either