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Foundation GoedBericht in 2012

29-12-2012 - Posted by Andre Piet



It is not my custom to ask attention for the Foundation Goedbericht, because the important thing is not a foundation, but the Good News (Goed Bericht). The foundation that was established in 2009 is only a means to one end and that is (as it is described in the statutes):

… to make known the Biblical message as it is being disseminated on the website www.goedbericht.nl.

The need for such a foundation arose from the desire for more time to devote to the Good News message. A foundation makes it so much easier for supporters to share in this work.


In addition to most of my time being occupied with propagating the Good News (approximately all my time, minus sleeping and social obligations), I still give only fifteen hours per week to teaching the Dutch language to a few groups of Polish people in The Hague. Petra, my precious wife, besides all that she does at home, works no less that four days per week for an accounting firm. Without her untiring zeal, I would never be able to work on this basis. That is also true for the moral support we receive from our three children. All this is a huge privilege!


It is a principled choice never to ask money for the Good News message. The Evangel is, after all, by her very nature, gratuitous. And therefore, I would also like to do this work one hundred percent pro Deo. I assume that when this work is from Him, He also will provide the means. I mean this quite soberly: If the donations allow me to make more time free for the Good News, I will eagerly accept it with both hands. And if that is not the case, then that is an indication to me that I myself must provide (more) for the maintenance of our family. So far it is being confirmed to make more time available for the Good News.


On the explanatory page of the foundation, it is simply stated:

We do not respond, personally, to donations, but sincerely say “thank You very much” for all the support!

Maybe it is good to explain this rule, for once. This approach was originally chosen, because we simply do not have the addresses of each donor and would like to draw one line for all. On reflection, it is perhaps also best to just be tacitly thankful for every gift. And I can tell you: quite regularly, we were deeply touched this past year by the large number of gifts and, at times, by the large amount of the gifts! What a great deal of love is being communicated this way for the unique Evangel for which we stand and come to the fore! Because we do not consider this to be our own work, our thanksgiving rises up to Him, Who prepares co-workers, who, unsolicitedly and voluntarily (!) support this work. This is ever so awesome!


The focus of the work is and will remain on the sharing of the Good News Message and on the study of the Scriptures. Yet, over the years and especially in 2012, more and more time has been allocated for visiting the elderly, the sick or those in need of special care. Not so much because I am looking for that work, but because it simply comes my way. People, themselves, ask for it or I get a hint from others in that direction. And every time it appears that also in this way the Word of God brings light into darkness, answers life’s questions and so spreads peace and joy in the hearts of people! Though it is less noticeable, this work, nevertheless, is an essential part of it.


As I did at the end of the previous years, I also wanted to update you now concerning the more practical side of “het GoedeBericht“. Although I may bring the Good News on podiums, give Bible studies, write blogs, run this site, etc., we are daily reminded that this work is shared by many who very much love the Word of God. What could be more beautiful than (as Paul once in his days) to know you are called to share the glad tidings from the one God, the Saviour of all mankind, and to trumpet forth His message; regardless of the struggle and opposition that that entails?! May this message enlighten many hearts, also in our dark world of the present and the coming year, 2013. This remains our prayer and commitment … until the trumpet shall sound! For indeed, the third day is approaching … -André (& Petra Piet)-