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Ephesians 6:9 – Their and your Master

01-10-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

And, masters, be doing the same toward them, being lax in threatening, being aware that their Master as well as yours is in the heavens and there is no partiality with Him.

The truth Paul just gave to believing slaves just as well applies to believing lords (=owners). Their social position may be very different, the similarity is that both have the same Lord in heaven. What Paul is actually saying is that the ‘lords’ themselves are slaves too. The ‘lords’ therefore should not imagine themselves to be anything.

The Gospel does not intend to change social structures, but it changes the hearts of people. Gentlemen learn to see themselves as slaves of the “Lord in the heavens”. Whoever realizes that, is no longer threatening with violence. The science of having a Lord yourself makes you happy, but also modest and emphatic.

The truth that there is “no partiality” with the Lord is often repeated in the NT. It means that He is not biased or relying on origin, social position or the exterior. Here it means: For the Lord , a slave is no less than his owner. How different is our view of things when we look from GOD’s perspective!