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Ephesians 6:14 – Girded in truth

08-10-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Stand, then, girded about your loins with truth, with the cuirass of righteousness put on…

The armor that Paul describes serves as a metaphor for the ability to remain standing in the midst. The first image he uses is that of loins which are girded. The belt or belt should be ready and put into action in time. The belt here stands for the truth. As the solder is in the belt, we would be girded “in truth”

It is typical that Paul is the first to mention truth as part of the armor. The saying goes, that in times of war, the truth is the first to die. That is also the case in the spiritual battle. The world-mights who position themselves as enemies are called “the world-mights of this darkness”. That means that obscuring is their core business. One keeps the truth down. The facts are manipulated and put in false light. It is called ‘Fake news’ nowadays, but that is certainly not a modern invention.

Opposite to the lie that governs the world, is the truth of GOD. To know that truth is the best remedy to recognize the lie. The loins girded means to have God’s truth ready!