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Ephesians 6:12 – No conflict against flesh and blood

08-10-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Put on the panoply of God to enable you to stand up to the stratagems of the adversary, for it is not ours to wrestle with blood and flesh…

The battle that Paul is talking about here is not one that we ourselves start. We do not conduct ‘jihad’, we are fought against. Where we simply stand on our allotment in Christ, stratagems, methodologies will be used to dissuade us from it. So that we no longer remain standing. We do not have to fear brute force, but the wiles of the adversary (diabolos, devil). That is the one who has, from old times, trained himself to twist God’s word. He moves (read: meanders) in the field of philosophy and theology. He has been doing this from the beginning. With the strategy to first doubt the word of God and then flat out contradicting it.

No matter how peaceful everything may seem, it is war. The conflict that we have is not directed against people. It is true that the adversary uses people, but they are not aware of anything. They are a toy of powers and forces without knowing it. Only by holding on to what is written we will remain standing!