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Ephesians 6:11 – The full armor of GOD

08-10-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Put on the panoply of God to enable you to stand…

With the panoply, the full armor, Paul refers to two times three parts that he is going to mention her. The belt, the chest harness, and the footwear as garments. And the shield, the helmet and the sword as weaponry. With the “armor of God” we might think that it come from God. That is true in itself, but not directly the meaning of the expression.

Almost all parts of the armor that Paul mentions, God himself wears. They are mentioned one by one in the book of Isaiah. It is literally “the armor of God” which will soon appear triumphantly through the Messiah. Covered with righteousness as an armor and with the helmet of salvation (Isa. 59:17). Then He will gird up his loins (Isa. 11:5) and open his mouth like a sharp sword (Isa. 49:2), the feet thereby sandaled with the Evangel of peace (Isa. 52:7).

The armor refers in all parts to Christ who will soon appear in victory and establish his Kingdom. And since we are his body, it is also our armor. The armor prophetically refers to the appearance of Christ in glory – together with us!