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Ephesians 5:14 – good morning!

18-08-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Wherefore He is saying, “Rouse! O drowsy one, and rise from among the dead, and Christ shall dawn upon you!”

It’s remarkable that Paul here refers to several texts from Isaiah (for example Isaiah 60: 1, where Israel is called to awake and to arise. Until today Israel is in a state of death. Her eyes are closed. But the call will once be heard and that means “life from among the dead”! Then a new day will break, and Christ will (literally) rise from the east, like the morning light.

But Paul makes clear that the call to awake does also count for today. In the world it is night. Dark practices have free play. The truth (= light, 5: 13) is obstructed. But also today the message of revival sounds: the cock crows. The cock forecasts the new day, while it’s still dark. And his message is: rise!

It refers to him, who once, in the beginning of a new day, resurrected from among the dead. Every morning, when we are awakened and get up, that speaks of new life and resurrection. That awareness makes that you “get out of the good side of bed”. And then we can say with a reason: good morning!