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Ephesians 5:8 – children of light

15-08-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

For you were once darkness, yet now you are light in the Lord. As children of light be walking!

Earlier (in 4: 18) Paul pointed out that we once walked as the nations, i.e. “darkened in comprehension”. Ignorant and estranged of the life of GOD. Where darkness reigns, here is no view. No real insight, neither overview. It’s dark in the heart if a human is discouraged. Until… the light it switched on and GOD’s word is going to shine. Then darkness and ignorance make place for light and understanding. For vision and an open window! That is no human work, it’s GOD who opens eyes and makes light!

It’s fantastic to know this transfer from darkness to light from experience. Then the world may be so dark, GOD’s word and his promises make our eyes shine. That is the automatic effect of light. Light always gives appearance.

Who knows this, can also walk in the light. So you have view on where you’re from and where you go to. And view on what happens around you. That makes our walk valuable!