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Ephesians 4:24 – Put on the new humanity

26-07-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…yet to be rejuvenated in the spirit of your mind and to put on the new humanity which, in accord with God, is being created in righteousness and benignity of the truth.

As believers would take of the clothing of the old humanity, likewise they would also put on the clothing of the new humanity. It means that we adapt the behavior to our new identity. Unconcerned, Paul presents it as changing a coat. There is nothing complicated about that. It does not require a course or therapy. It starts with a cure of rejuvenation in the spirit of our mind. Our thinking is renewed by ‘input’ from Above. We learn wo we are in Christ. Thus the Word of GOD transforms us from within (Rom. 12:2). It gives direction, motivates and reinforces for that.

The new humanity is the humanity that began with “the last Adam”. Since Christ’s resurrection as Firstfruits, there are two kinds of people on earth. The old one, dating back to Adam having ‘limited shelf life’. Mortal. The new one on the other hand is the definitive creation of GOD. “ the first man” (earthly) only served to introduce “the second man” (heavenly) (1Cor.15:47). That is the new humanity: Perfect, Just, righteous and marked by truth.