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Ephesians 3:14 – Bent Knees

15-06-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

On this behalf am I bowing my knees to the Father…

What Paul just penned down is so great and impressive that it brings him to his knees. Whoever gets a sense of “God’s purpose of the eons” and the secret Paul was granted to reveal, cannot but bend his knees before the One who is the origin of all this. Not just to thank the Father for what He gives, but even more: to praise Him for who he is. Those are two things. You give thanks for the gifts you receive. Praise and worship are things you do for who the Giver himself is.

There is yet another motive in this passage why Paul bows his knees. Paul kneels to pray for his readers. In the foregoing he had described what was given to all of them. But Paul is not satisfied with that. He kneels down on their behalf, so that they too realize the full richness of their allotment.

The word for ‘blessing’ in Hebrew (barak) is the same word as for ‘knee’ and ‘kneeling’. That deep unity between the two concepts is very telling: the blessing of everything lies in kneeling before the Father!