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Ephesians 2:18 – Access to the Father

29-05-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…for through Him we both have had the access, in one spirit, to the Father.

First there was a temple, where the nations were only outsiders because of the central wall (:14). Now there is free access for both Jew and gentile. Not because the nations have the same rights now as Israel in the temple. It means infinitely more! For both.

Israel also had very limited access in the sanctuary. In “the holy” only priests were allowed to come and only the high priest was allowed to approach GOD once a year in “the holy of holies”. Now on the other hand, both Jew and gentile have access to the Father. Not to ‘come to an audience’, but to stay with GOD non-stop in the same relationship with Him as the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are no physical obstacles in this atmosphere. There is no wall that makes separation or a curtain that interferes. There is no need for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to be undertaken. Because “in one spirit” we have access. It is a spiritual unity. Between Jew and Gentile, who form “one body” (:16) together and share in the position of the Head. You can’t ever get any closer to GOD!