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Ephesians 1:20 – roused and risen

16-04-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…rousing Him from among the dead…

The major issue in the “New Testament” is the resurrection of Christ from the dead. As a historical and proven fact, foretold in the Scriptures. And as a foundation for our future projection. Christ Jesus is surely the Firstfruit out of the dead, and that means that the others will follow. His victory on the death is the guarantee that the death will be abolished once.

That Christ is roused, isn’t the same as that he rose. He was roused by God and rose himself. That’s the sequence. As we are also every morning roused from the sleep (for example by an alarm clock), but subsequently rise from our bed ourselves. When I’m roused I’m passive myself. It happens to me. But the rising is an activity.

There is yet another difference. The process of being roused concerns the spirit. You are roused from the existence of the sleep. Or the existence of the death. The spirit has been roused, but the body is rising. GOD roused Christ and made him alive. That was only GODS work. And so, Christ could rise and leave the opened grave once and for all!