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Carols… do you know what you sing?

25-12-2017 - Posted by Andre Piet

From all sides, these days we are replete with all kinds of Christmas carols. That almost every carol expresses untrue things, which are so evident and biblical for many of us, is a fascinating phenomenon for me. Lyrics about the stable, the cold winter night, the ox and the donkey, three kings etcetera. It sounds so sentimentally and intimately, but the Scripture doesn’t say anything about those things.

At the same time many carols express matters, which are completely biblical, but almost nobody believes them. A few literally translated examples from three Dutch carols:

1 O King of peace, you can command peace on earth and in my soul!

Let EVERY sinner come to You, that ALL who breathes will kneel for you.
This WILL BE DONE by the God of salvation…

2  … honouring the Child, Who will be saviour of ALL!

3 … the power of Your love inside, CANNOT be resisted by heaven and hell.

Unambiguously these carols express the huge truth of the Evangel, that the Child that was born in Bethlehem (it‘s not most important now that it didn’t happen in the Christmas season) is the Saviour of EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY.

That God’s love is so enormous that it CANNOT be resisted by ‘heaven and hell‘. And that this WILL BE DONE by the God of salvation, that EVERY sinner will come to Him, and that ALL who breathes will kneel for Him.

How many of the hundreds of thousands Dutch people who sing these songs, should really believe what they sing???