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Blessing while Giving Thanks

04-01-2016 - Posted by Andre Piet

images7 At the beginning of the new year we wish each other all the best. “Best wishes!” or “a blessed New Year!”. Everybody senses that when we use the word ‘blessing’ we (implicitly) refer to GOD. Because all blessing comes from above doesn’t it? That’s where the blessing comes from, but what is blessing actually? In the Bible there is a direct link between thanking GOD and blessing. Moreover: things are blessed while giving thanks. In Mark 6:41 we read that Jesus looked up to the heaven and pronounced a blessing. In John 6:11 the same history is told but there we read that Jesus gave thanks. This doesn’t contradict each other – because blessing is giving thanks. Jesus didn’t start the meal by praying for the blessing and then thank for the meal afterwards. No, he gave thanks for the food and by doing so He pronounced the blessing. In 1 Corinthians 14:16 we read:

Else when thou shalt bless with the spirit, how shall he that occupieth the room of the unlearned say Amen at thy giving of thanks, seeing he understandeth not what thou sayest?

Thanking = Blessing. What is a blessed New Year? It is a year for which you thank GOD! A blessed meal is a meal for which you thank GOD. A blessed night’s rest is a night for which you thank GOD. Everything for which you thank GOD becomes a blessing. The common thought is that health and wealth are blessings by definition. But this is not the case. They become blessings when GOD is thanked for them. But the consequence of this truth is even more far-reaching. Because while on one hand health and wealth are not blessings by definition, also on the other hand, illness and misfortune can certainly become a blessing. What else then giving thanks to GOD for this also? Of course this is impossible when one thinks like most people (Christians included!) that all good comes from God and all evil comes from the devil. But in that case you serve an idol. Because the GOD of the Bible is the Creator and Placer of all, both good and evil (Isiah. 45:7). Like Job new that it is not appropriate to receive good at the hand of GOD and not receive evil (Job 2:10). If you know that there is ONE who loves His whole creation and never forsakes the works of His hands, then you also know, like Joseph in his days (Gen.50:20) that He makes all things work together for good. HE turns all negatives into positives. The minuses we see, to HIM are plusses that are not yet completed. He who glorifies and thanks God as GOD (Rom.1:21) is also able to thank HIM for misfortune, illness, pain, rejection and so on. Because when you know GOD, you also know He does not make mistakes and makes all work together for good (Rom.8:28). That is the foundation of giving GOD thanks as Father for all things (Ef.5:20). In this awareness, we are guaranteed up front to meet a very richly blessed 2016! Isn’t that an Evangel?! 1_blog_13HB