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Are people justified and reconciled at the great white throne?

21-11-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

No, all are judged at the “great white throne” (Rev. 20:12), that is, according to the books that are then opened. If someone’s name is not written in the book of life, it leads to “the second death” (Rev. 20:15). That judgment is not a justification but a conviction.

The big difference between the “big white throne” and a human court is that the convicts will fully agree with the verdict. All evidence has been provided and there is nothing to argue against. Therefore, there is nothing to believe because the evidence is obvious to everyone. There is no complaining or scolding or grumbling at the great white throne. It is quiet there, for the justice of Him who sits on the throne is undisputed and beyond doubt.

But … peace is more than the absence of war. The “great white throne” is silently agreed. But only when death is canceled and all (who are still dead) are made alive, then everyone will enthusiastically thank Jesus as Lord to the glory of GOD the Father (Fil. 2: 9-11). Then one is not only no longer an enemy (as with the great white throne), but there is peace with the Creator. That is reconciliation!

At the “great white throne” many will end in the (second) death.
With the vivification, death is abolished (1 Cor.15: 22-28).

At the “great white throne” the trial takes place and (possibly) conviction.
All are justified in the vivification (Rom. 5:18).

At the “great white throne” every mouth is stopped (Rom. 3:20).
With the vivification, every mouth is filled … with praise (Fil.2 9-11).