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Acts 4:12 –  No other name

12-05-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

And there is no salvation in any other one, for neither is there any other name, given under heaven among men, in which we must be saved.

Peter is accountable in the Sanhedrin for the miraculous healing of the paralyzed man at the Beautiful Gate. The man is presented as a model of the Jewish people who had the beautiful view of a nearby Messianic kingdom and at the same time were unable to enter it. Peter argues that it was only through the name of Jesus Christ that the man found healing (4:10). So the name of him who had recently been crucified by the people but was raised from the dead by GOD.

The name of Jesus (Yeshua) means “YAHWEH saves”. This name expresses exactly what GOD does through Jesus. He saves. Point. How does He save? By faithful invocation of that name. That is the way by which GOD saves. Hence in the name of JESUS ​​every knee will bow and every tongue will confess.

There is no other name under heaven for salvation. Nor is it necessary. For salvation is assured in the name of JESUS! Without conditions and without exception. Thát is the very meaning of the name of Jesus.