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a mail from the USA

25-11-2015 - Posted by Andre Piet

images9 Recently, I got a mail with the following message.

To Andre Piet,

I am LSE in the USA.  (I first emailed you, when Peter Feddema, died)

I was just now visiting the English GoedBericht site – and I wondered what your current blogs are about now.   I don’t know Dutch, so I am unable to read your current blogs.

On impulse,  I then visited your Dutch site and I just looked at it.  It appears that your most recent Dutch blog might be about Daniel  9:23-25 (maybe?).  Oh, I wish I could read it!

I want so much to read your current blogs, that it brings tears to my eyes.  I have been praying that God will lead you to find a Dutch/English translator.  Hopefully very soon!   I want to read the current blogs so very much!  I don’t know anyone else who shares the understanding that we have.

I hope all is well.

In much appreciation,


1_blog_13 AP Addition 27 november 2015: Last week, I published the letter above in my Dutch blog and I got three (and even four) responses of people who are willing to do the job of translating! Is n’t that a reason to be very very thankful? The translators are no native English speakers, but I trust, good enough to translate into readable English articles. -André Piet-