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a criticism that boomerangs

01-04-2012 - Posted by Andre Piet

Who contends that God is the Saviour of all mankind, will get to hear from the ‘Christian’ community a number of standard criticisms. In the previously discussed radio program, Heilige Huisjes, some of these were reviewed. One negative charge is that with such a message, “the seriousness of unbelief” is undermined. It evidently eludes those who make this criticism that this grievance, as a boomerang, returns upon themselves. To illustrate what I mean, I will give an example of a conversation, as I have experienced several times: Me: “Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of everyone”. Christian: “Yes, but you must believe it.” Me: “Do you believe that He is Lord and Saviour of everybody?” Christian: “No, I do not believe that.” Who, here, is the unbeliever? Anyone who says, “yes, but…”, might as well have said, “no, because…”. He or she suggests agreement with the message, but does not believe it, at all! The Good News is: Jesus Christ IS your Savior! Believe it, wholeheartedly. The commonly-heard version is: IF you believe, Jesus WILL BE your Savior. This is a reversal of the Good News and, therefore, is not Good News! For faith (believing) is thereby transformed into a work, a meritorious act. This, precisely, is unbelief (cp Rom.9:32).   ——————————— translation: Peter Feddema