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2 Timothy 2:21   –  Distancing

24-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

If, then, anyone should ever be purging himself from these, he will be a utensil for honor, hallowed and useful to the Owner, made ready for every good act.

In this last letter, Paul addresses the individual just before his execution (4: 6). In Asia, where he had worked so much, all had now turned away from him (1:15). And he urges Timothy that the time would come when the Christian world as a whole would no longer endure sound doctrine (4: 3,4). And that word has also come true.

What, then, should the faithful individual do? Continue to be part of the institute or group? Trying to make adjustments from the inside? No, Paul’s motto is: take distance, purge, leave. As he also says elsewhere: “come out of their midst …” (2 Cor. 6:17).

It is often very difficult to distance yourself from the religious community. It makes you lonely. You don’t belong anymore. You can count on defamation (“sectarian”, “proud”). Leaving the establishment takes guts. But it also brings freedom. Out of the box. Being able to say freely what matters. No need to compromise when it comes to the truth. That is exactly what makes you usable for the Owner made ready for every good act.