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2 Corinthians 4:4   –  Ikon of God

12-05-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

…the evangel of the glory of Christ, Who is the Image of the invisible God.

The evangel is not about man. It has the subject of “the glory of Christ”. And what is “the glory of Christ”? That he is GOD’s image. The word for ‘image’ in Greek is ‘icon.’ We also know that word in our language. An icon is a symbol that represents something or someone. That can also be an abstraction, something you cannot see or feel. On the computer we know icons for ‘settings’, ‘volume’, ‘search’, etc. Such an icon is not identical to what it stands for, but it represents it.

The glory of Christ is not that he is GOD. No, his glory is that he is the icon of GOD. He represents the GOD who is invisible (Col.1: 15). As the image of the emperor on a coin represents the emperor (Mat.22: 20), so Christ represents GOD. He pictures Him.

“The only God” is the Invisible (1Tim.1: 17) and his icon represents Him (Col.1: 15). Perfect! The glory of Christ is that he does not point to himself but to the GOD he represents. Whoever sees him has seen GOD (John 1:18).