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1Corinthians 3:12 – Gold, Silver and precious stones

11-12-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now if anyone is building on this foundation gold and silver, precious stones, wood, grass, straw…

Paul compares education of lasting value with fire-resistant material. He mentions gold, silver and precious stones. These are certainly not random examples. Because these materials played an important role in the sanctuary as described in the law of Moses.

Just like silver, gold is a precious metal because it doesn’t rust. It is an image of incorruptibility. It is a type of GOD whom himself is incorruptible. It also speaks of the life that He brought to light through the resurrection of Christ.

Silver usually functions in the Scriptures as money. It primarily refers to the price that once was paid. To Christ Jesus who paid the ransom for all. Precious stones are precious because they transmit light. They were worn by the high priest. Twelve stones on both his shoulders (power) and on his heart (love). It speaks of how precious the people are who are carried by the true High Priest in God’s sight.

The ecclesia would be built with this gold, silver and precious stone. Only that is worthy of the foundation of GOD’s grace. It is precious, brilliant, transparent and imperishable!