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1 Timothy 6:6,7 – Empty hands

10-07-2024 - Posted by Hans

Now devoutness with contentment is great capital; for nothing do we carry into the world, and it is evident that neither can we carry anything out.

Devoutness or “good reverence” is accompanied by contentment. That is not a moral call as some translations understand it (“if it is accompanied by contentment”), but an observation. There is a logical connection between the two. One follows from the other. Whoever worships God as GOD and therefore knows that what He ordains and gives is by definition the best, is satisfied. He also realizes that a person has nothing of his own. We are creatures and apart from the Creator we are nothing and have nothing.

We were born empty-handed. We were not asked if we wanted to be born. Or when that would be. Or where our cradle would be located. Or who our parents would be. Or in what kind of environment we would grow up. And with what capabilities. We had no say. And it is no different at the end of our earthly existence. We arrived empty-handed, and that’s how we leave. Think about that. Why then do you want to hold on tight?!?