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1 Timothy 6:6 – Contentment

10-07-2024 - Posted by Hans

Now devoutness with contentment is great capital.

Paul is commenting here on the idea that reverence produces gain. A well-known, modern version of that idea is known today as prosperity gospel. The idea behind this is that whoever believes well will be blessed with capital and prosperity… They tickle people’s ears by telling them that God wants to help us become rich.

Paul sharply distances himself from this view, which was also prevalent in his day. Paul does not turn against material wealth in itself (:17) but against intending to be rich (6:9). Because that attitude precisely demonstrates spiritual poverty.

Against love for money (:10), Paul contrasts devoutness (=”the fear of the Lord”). Indeed, that yields big profits! Not because it fills the wallet, but because it fills the heart with contentment. Even if one has nothing more than a roof over one’s head and the basic necessities of life (:8). No one is richer than the one who has enough. Knowing about a wealthy GOD who gives what is needed, that is what counts. His Word is an inexhaustible gold mine. Anyone who knows that has more than enough and is wealthy!