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1 Timothy 6:6 – great capital

22-01-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now devoutness with contentment is great capital…

Most translations here speak of ‘devoutness’. More literally from Greek (eusebia) it is about ‘good worship.’ True worship of GOD. In these verses Paul addresses a doctrine that considered ‘devoutness’ to be profitable. Nowadays it is called a ‘prosperity gospel’. Whoever believes well, is the claim, is blessed with capital and profit. People tickle the audience by telling them that God wants to help us become rich.

Paul sharply distances himself from this view, which was also very important in his days. Paul thereby does not turn against material wealth (: 17) but against wanting to be rich (6: 9). Because that attitude demonstrates (mental) poverty.

Against love for money (: 10), Paul sets the good worship of God. Thát is a big capital. Worshiping GOD makes people very rich … with contentment. No one is richer than the one who has enough. Can be satisfied with a roof over the head and the necessities of life (: 8). Knowing a wealthy GOD in all circumstances who gives what is needed. To live with a word full of promises that is an inexhaustible gold mine. Then you are incredibly rich!