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1 Timothy 6:19 – Liberal contribution as investment

10-07-2024 - Posted by Hans

Those who are rich in the current eon (…) rich in ideal acts, to be liberal contributors, treasuring up for themselves an ideal foundation for that which is impending, that they may get hold of life really

Paul has nothing against being rich, but against wanting to be rich. The greatest advantage of being rich is that it allows you to give out to others. In verse 19 Paul shows that whoever shares his wealth not only enriches others, but also himself. Because those who are “liberal contributors” also invest in their own future. He lays aside a treasure for himself. We still recognize the Greek word for ’treasure’ (Gr. thesauros) in our word for vocabulary: thesaurus. And also in the English word ’treasure’.

Whoever gives out of his wealth lays up treasures in heaven (Matt.6:19,20). Collecting treasures on earth is risky and, moreover, its value by definition does not extend beyond this earthly existence. You can’t take anything with you. But whoever lets others share in his wealth out of expectation and in trust in a rich and generous GOD, has an excellent foundation. Because that basis is permanent and defies the test of time. Those who focus on this seize real life!