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1 Timothy 6:17,18 – Generously!

10-07-2024 - Posted by Hans

Those who are rich in the current eon be charging not be haughty, nor yet to rely on the dubiousness of riches, but on God Who is tendering us all things richly for our enjoyment; to be doing good acts, to be rich in ideal acts, to be liberal contributors…

Being rich in the current eon brings special dangers and Paul strongly warns against them. On the other hand, wealth also has undeniable advantages and he also mentions these. First, wealth underlines that we have a rich God who generously grants us everything for our enjoyment. Paul does not act cheaply and does not induce ‘Calvinistic’ guilt in the person who enjoys or is wealthy. God grants not just some good things to enjoy, but everything. And also richly! Doesn’t that make you feel grateful?!

The second advantage of being rich is that one is fortunate enough to be able to give away a lot. Those who are rich can also let others share in that wealth and be generous and communicative. The latter advantage may be even greater than the former. After all, “Happy is it to give rather than to get” (Acts 20:35).

Anyone who enjoys so gratefully and at the same time generously lets others share in the wealth that God gives, lives a truly rich existence.