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1 Timothy 5:6,7– These things also charge

03-04-2024 - Posted by Hans

…yet she who is a prodigal, though living, is dead. These things also, charge, that they may be irreprehensible.

For Paul, a “true widow” is a woman who has no children or grandchildren at all and has placed all her hope in God and is oriented on that night and day (5:5). The contrast with the widow described in verse 6 could not be greater. In fact it does not even matter whether there is a widow without or with children. The (specific?) widow he is referring to is reveling in luxury (the same word as in James 5:5) because she has apparently been left with a lot of luxury. However, she does not feel dependent on God at all. She may have been left alive, but spiritually she is as dead as her husband.

Paul sharpens his teaching and he definitely wants Timothy to command “these things also.” This letter already began (1:3) with this powerful verb and in 4:9-11 he repeated it. Paul was referring to the trustworthy word that the living one is a Savior of all humanity, especially believers. “These things charge and be teaching” he added. This education is not optional or negotiable.

“Sound teaching” will only be credibly propagated if its professors also conform to it in their conduct. As if in one piece and beyond reproach.