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1 Timothy 5:5– The real widow

03-04-2024 - Posted by Hans

Now one really a widow and alone, relies on God and is remaining in petitions and prayers night and day…

By the widows who are “really widows” (5:3) Paul refers to those widows who are eligible for support because they not only no longer have a husband (this applies to all widows), but also have no children. Etymologically, our word ‘widow’ is also derived from a word that means ‘deprived’. By a “true widow” Paul here refers to a woman who is deprived of all the support that normally comes from the family.

Often in Scripture mention is made of “widows and orphans” and they are often mentioned together in the same breath (James 1:27). They belong to a category of people who are completely dependent on the support of others. In the Western world we have become accustomed to thinking in terms of ‘rights’: you are entitled to benefits or you can claim social assistance. But that is not the Biblical perspective.

Also in this passage we see that “the true widow” does not demand from people, but places her hope in God. She presents her need to God and places her expectation on Him night and day. Because He gives what is needed. He also makes people helpful.