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1 Timothy 3:4,5 – The household of a supervisor

11-12-2023 - Posted by Hans

(The supervisor, then, must …) be controlling his own household ideally, having its children in subjection with all gravity – now if anyone is not aware how to control his own household, how will he care for the ecclesia of God?

The profile that Paul gives of the overseer shows that high demands are placed on the supervisor. Not because he has to be a ‘sheep with five legs’ or an all-rounder, but above all the supervisor must be credible in his position. Paul asks the rhetorical question how can the overseer care for the ecclesia of God if he is not even able to lead in his own home (family)? To ask the question is to answer it.

It is doubtful from the above whether it is also a condition that the overseer is married and has children. In that case, Paul himself would not even be eligible for the position… It therefore seems more likely that Paul means: if the overseer is married and has children, then he should be a good father and provide excellent leadership to his family .

The translation “controlling” is used here to indicate leadership. Literally it reads: in front standing. That is what characterizes a good leader: he does not dictate, but sets an example and goes in front of his family and leads the way.